Moon Madness V – Usagi’s Birthday Cake

Happy birthday, Usagi!

That’s right, it’s Sailor Moon’s birthday today! To celebrate–and to cap off our month of Sailor Moon-themed meals–I’ve cooked a chocolate-vanilla birthday cake for the lover of all things sweet.

I dare not attempt to make frosting without my stand mixer, so I went with two pre-made jars of vanilla frosting instead (I recommend buying/making at least 38 ounces).

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting


  • 12″ x 2″ heart-shaped cake pan
  • 14″ cake board for frosting
  • Round cereal bowl
  • Pizza cutter


  • Moist Chocolate Cake *
  • 32-38 ounces of vanilla frosting
  • 2 ounces of white fondant
  • 4-5 ounces of black fondant
  • Bright pink food gel

*It will not taste like coffee, I promise.


  1. Assemble cake as per directions. Bake between 30-35 minutes.
  2. Let the cake cool completely before adding a thin layer of crumb coating. To make the crumb coating, mix about 2-3 tablespoons of frosting with enough water to form a light glaze. Spread the glaze over the top and sides of the cake and allow to harden.
  3. Once the crumb coating has hardened, apply the frosting.
  4. Add pink food gel to the remaining white frosting and stir. Using a piping bag (or a ziplock bag), ice the perimeter of the cake (I had a 131 and a 21 tip, so I did this step twice. A larger tip will definitely work.)
  5. For the rabbit: knead white fondant until it softens. Mold it into the shape of the ears and head. Have fun with it! It’s like using Play-Doh (only, you know, it’s okay to eat it). Piece the ears and head together, and use your fingertips to rub out any of the crease marks. To make the pink accents, add a drop of pink food gel to some of the remaining white fondant and knead the fondant until the gel is evenly distributed. Mold the inner ear shape and press it to the outer ear. Use the bottom or top of a straw to make symmetrical eyes and press them onto the head.
  6. For the black centerpiece: knead black fondant until malleable. Roll the fondant onto countertop. Using a pizza cutter, cut the fondant into a circle by tracing the rim of a cereal bowl.
  7. For the lettering: Use (up to) a size 3 piping tip to pipe the message onto the fondant. Clearly Makoto wrote the birthday wishes on the original cake because the lettering is perfect. Unless you, too, are gifted with extremely steady hands, I suggest practicing before you pipe the fondant (the lettering on my cake isn’t bad because I can’t write/read hiragana–I can–but because I have terribly unsteady hands. Do better than me!)
  8. Assemble, sing “Happy Birthday to You,” and eat!

And there we have it! The end of a month of delicious Sailor Moon-themed dishes!

In many ways, the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon’s release couldn’t have come at a better time. I grew up watching the anime and reading the manga and, as my own special brand of twenty-something approaches (25th birthday, that is), I feel an extra-special connection with Sailor Moon. Usagi and the gang have seen me through a lot of milestones, and I’m glad they’ve made it to see me through another.

I remember being so in love with this series as a child. I waited eagerly for the latest manga release (I had Books-A-Million’s shipping schedule memorized. New books were shelved every Thursday, and I could be found among the stacks.) and rushed home from school to see the latest episode of the anime. Now that I’m older and creating young adult and literary stories of my own, I can only hope to one day do for readers what Naoko Takeuchi’s story did for me.

Happy eating!


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