I know it’s Wednesday, but let’s talk about Tuesday. Every afternoon I have a turkey sandwich, and every Tuesday I stop by my local Target deli to ask my favorite deli person for the same order (she knows me by order!)

love sandwiches, but I’m very particular about turkey: I’ll only eat it shaved. I mean tearing, paper-thin turkey. I mean, I should be able to see between the slices. There’s just something refreshing about layering delicately thin turkey on top of wheat bread and topping it with cheddar cheese, a tomato, and a roasted red bell pepper. It just makes the perfect lunch.

So, here’s to Tuesdays. Even though it’s Wednesday.



Have any routines of your own? Let me know!


Let’s talk about butter.

No, seriously, let’s talk about butter.

Because I'm Southern.

Because I’m Southern.

I’ve been a Land O Lakes girl since the beginning of time, back when my grandma, Peewee, used to make her delicious, moist pound cake (not to mention her buttered potatoes, one of which she gave me every day after school. I’m still working those off, but man do I miss them).

Because I grew up with Land O Lakes–and because everything Peewee ever made was utterly amazing–you can understand my hesitation about sampling new butters. What if my pie’s not as flaky or my biscuit’s not as buttery? Heaven forbid I give someone a treat and they notice something off about the taste.

Well, nevertheless, I found myself in a situation the other day at Target. They had my prized Unsalted Land O Lake butter–at a moderately priced $4.74–but right beside it sat Target brand butter for $3.44. Now, I’m recently graduated and penny-pinching. A savings of even $1.30 means that I can buy an extra chocolate bar to melt for my homemade peanut butter cups. That’s tempting.

I go to Target at least once a week for deli meat and I often do price comparisons between Target and (gulps) Walmart, but I don’t ever recall seeing the Target butter before. But here it was. And over there, 10 aisles deep, was that extra bar of chocolate.

I caved.

I bought the Target butter.

I’ll let you know how it turned out.